My Approach to Filmmaking

I take pleasure in crafting films for people who want to become more deeply visible to themselves and the world.

I’ve helped entrepreneurs articulate and refine their vision, authors to reflect on the wellspring of their work, and with elders to preserve family legacy for future generations.

The approach I use with whomever I work is the same:

I don’t direct. I listen.

I listen people into deeper relationship with who they are. Genuine listening invites people to risk being known. It invites them to let go of the story they usually tell and explore the words within them that are often hovering just at the edge of awareness:

Words from the heart about what they really want and love.

Words that have often waited for years to be spoken.

Words that, if spoken, could help them cross more fully into being in the world.

The product of this kind of listening is a deep form of homecoming:

It is the heart after years
of secret conversing
speaking out loud in the clear air.
— David Whyte

At its heart, then, filmmaking is fundamentally a journey one takes back home. It is about rediscovering what you have known and who, perhaps, you have been all along.

Films For Leaders

True leadership begins within. It begins with a clear understanding of why you do what you do each day and why that is important.

The experience of sitting before the video camera is a journey into the center of that ‘why’. It is a journey past the story you have become accustomed to telling the world into a region where words eventually give way to silence.

Those with the patience and courage to remain in this space are often surprised and rewarded by what comes next. They begin to speak from a different place within. They begin to articulate truths they didn’t know they  knew - deeply-held truths about Who they truly are, What they truly want to create, and Why that matters. These truths, once uttered, pave the way for telling a radically different kind of story. One that leads to more conscious, authentic leadership in the  world.

Contact me to create a film that will help you find your why.

Films for Authors and Creatives

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