Adrian Juric: The Film-making Process

The Film-making Process

I prefer not to ‘direct’.

Instead, I follow people on a journey of exploration whose course and direction they are fundamentally in charge of.

The journey begins with a minute of rested silence. This allows people the chance to ground themselves and become fully present in the room.

Then, once they feel ready, they simply begin speaking. Sometimes, they’ve come with a specific purpose in mind. An entrepreneur who wants to create a promotional film for her website; an organizational leader wants to articulate her vision to a team; a grandparent who wants to create a legacy film for his grandchildren to watch when they grow older.

Even in such cases, though, when people begin with a specific objective in mind, many end up letting go of the story they came wanting to tell. They relax and allow themselves to listen to, and speak from, some radically different place within themselves. A place of deep stillness and quiet knowing. A 'backcountry' place in the human heart they may never have visited before.

Those with the courage to stay in this quiet place within often surprise themselves. They express things they have, at some level, always known to be true:

Truths about who they really are, and perhaps have always been.

Truths about what they really want, and perhaps have always wanted.

Truths that, once acknowledged, may lead to freedom from an old story and the beginning of something new.

I don’t interpret. I don’t presume to know where someone needs to go next. In fact, I say little if anything at all. My only focus is on paying full, undivided attention as people explore their own way forward.

After filming I review the footage in my studio, and spend the following weeks editing it into a short film that captures the essence of the journey the person has just taken.

I then share the film with clients by Dropbox. I invite them to watch it several times on their own.  Doing so reveals them to themselves in a profoundly new way. It is as powerful as the original experience of being filmed. For the first time, people have the opportunity to witness themselves as they summon the courage to say out loud what they really want and what they truly feel. They can encounter themselves showing up in a way they may never have before.

My goal is to create this experience where people can feel truly seen and heard both by themselves and by others; we get too few chances to do this in life, and having the opportunity to do so in a safe, caring environment with a film to show for it at the end is a unique and special experience.