Sharing Inner Journeys with the Outer World

I often present the films I create at conferences and workshops for public and private audiences. These presentations illustrate and celebrate the kinds of courageous internal journeys people have taken with me on camera high into the back country of the human heart. Lasting anywhere from 60-90 minutes, they will sometimes include a live filming session before the audience for members who wish to experience first hand what the camera can reveal to them. Path-making: The Camera and the Inner Journey is one of the presentations I offer.

Work With Adrian - Adrian Juric

Path-making: The Camera and The Inner Journey

60 min Presentation

Any journey of true exploration is a pilgrimage into the unknown. It is a courageous yielding to a summons we do not understand, one that requires us to abandon the path we know. The experience of sitting in silence before a camera can take a person on a similar kind of journey. Those with the courage to do so often find themselves venturing deep into the backcountry of the human heart. They travel a path that materializes before them as they speak, one made of words they may never have spoken aloud before, words that can, and often do, lead to a radical new understanding of themselves and their purpose in the world. Join me and examine a selection of short films that explore this effect.

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Caminante, no hay camino,

se hace camino al andar.

Al andar se hace el camino.

Walker, there is no path,

The path is made when walking.

When walking, the path is made.
— Antonio Machado

Kathy Hrabluk Testimonial - Adrian Juric

Kathy Hrabluk
Vice-chair, Learning in Retirement, Selkirk College

I recently had the good fortune to attend a presentation by Adrian in Nelson B.C. It was readily evident to me that he is a gifted speaker and film maker. Adrian's deep compassion for the human condition and the empathetic space he creates for individual stories waiting/needing to be told, captivated my attention. By asking the right questions with kindness, Adrian guides others to bravely explore their life's journey and in doing so shines a light on their resilience, courage and truth. There is a universality to each unique story he records on film, a benefit to all of us as he invites us to listen to each other. I believe Adrian is doing important work building connections in a world that needs just that in these challenging times.