What might change if you allowed yourself to be truly seen
and heard by yourself and by the world?
Adrian Juric: Welcome

I’m a filmmaker for the courageous journey in. I use a camera and a catalytic question to bring people closer to themselves and who they want to be in the world.


Coaching - Adrian Juric

Using the camera as a tool for finding and speaking a new way forward in your life.


Film-making - Adrian Juric

Films for organizations and individuals who want to be truly seen and heard in the world. 


Presenting - Adrian Juric

Celebrating courageous internal journeys people have taken, high into the back country of the human heart. 

Chip Conley - Adrian Juric

Chip Conley
Author, founder of Modern Elder Academy

Adrian is so talented on so many levels. He flew down to San Francisco to shoot some footage of me at Airbnb HQ in order to create a series of short videos about the subject of wisdom and our new Modern Elder Academy. He's such a gentleman and a classic professional in terms of his work style. Diligent, focused, and an ease to be with. The quality of the videos that were produced from this relative short filming astounded me. Where did he come up with all of those quotes? In reality, he'd asked me some very thoughtful, deep questions which invited a simpatico answer. In sum, I recommend Adrian with the highest validation possible.

Becky Livingston - Adrian Juric

Becky Livingston
Author, Educator, Traveler

The experience of sitting with Adrian to talk about my writing process was something quite special. Only by talking out loud, without any prompts or interruptions from Adrian, was I able to clearly understand what I knew about how I work as a writer. I was struck by Adrian’s exceptional skill to hold space for me while on camera. His quality of presence, his dedication to the craft of filming and its necessary editing was outstanding. He worked tirelessly to select the most poignant footage, seeking out my feedback and approval before producing the final film. To artists out there - writers, poets, dancers, painters - interested in presenting a unique portrayal of their creative process for a website or for marketing purposes, I’d highly recommend Adrian.

Kathy Hrabluk - Adrian Juric

Kathy Hrabluk
Vice-chair, Learning in Retirement, Selkirk College

I recently had the good fortune to attend a presentation by Adrian in Nelson B.C. It was readily evident to me that he is a gifted speaker and film maker. Adrian's deep compassion for the human condition and the empathetic space he creates for individual stories waiting/needing to be told, captivated my attention. By asking the right questions with kindness, Adrian guides others to bravely explore their life's journey and in doing so shines a light on their resilience, courage and truth.There is a universality to each unique story he records on film, a benefit to all of us as he invites us to listen to each other. I believe Adrian is doing important work building connections in a world that needs just that in these challenging times.

Mike Stolte - Adrian Juric

Mike Stolte
Executive Director at Centre for Innovative and Entrepreneurial Leadership

Adrian has a rare sense of compassion and understanding. People often talk about thought leaders. Adrian is out in front as both a thought AND a heart leader, exploring territory that few men ever dare to go near. His approach allows one to feel secure and safe in the vulnerable places and moments that often can lead to self-discovery. Adrian has a rare gift that allows space, the space required for one's own nuggets of wisdom and clarity to emerge from the chaos of our thoughts.

Anna Citrino - Adrian Juric

Anna Citrino
Author and Educator

Adrian films groups in a way that engenders deep listening. Because of his gentle, open nature, and generosity of spirit, people feel encouraged to be vulnerable and honest while exploring questions that matter to them. Absorbing group member’s thoughts and reflections as they sit speaking before Adrian’s camera, listeners gradually move inside a place where they experience what it is to be fully present for each other. The interconnection felt is moving, powerful, and life giving. Something unexpectedly bigger than the exchange of opinions and ideas happens as a result. The possibility of something genuine, rare and palpably alive has the opportunity to surface. You see yourself at the threshold of a more expansive place your life might go, of what people might be for and to each other if purposeful deep listening were our common practice. Adrian’s work opens spaces within ourselves that help us see who we are, and reach toward how we might come together and be whole.